Some men

Some has it easier than others,
Some has it not,
Some were raised by their mothers,
and some their own hath forgot.

Some men started from the bottom while some were given everything;
And just as flowers were made to blossom,
so are some willing to do anything.

Success are but a word to those who has not made it,
but means everything to those who has made it.
Striving for perfection is close to building an empire,
while building an empire means 'wanting everything you desire.

Some men craves the power of a celebrity,
while others does anything and everything in their power to end poverty.
Some men blames others for their mistakes,
while some are willing to do anything to make a change,
for this they'll do whatever it takes,
to break loose from society's chains,
to ensure that the future generations do not live their lives just to end up behind bars.

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