The Sole Entrance


Eyes are the doorway.
Enter this typically smiling place

but a frown will form;
the gut seeming stuffed with aches and pains,
even between cracks and crevices,
attempting to crumble borders.

Once silent as a whisper
this great nation
pushes and pulls
tugs and twists.
the hurt almost unbearable...

thoughts ranting and raving;
emotions racing down the drain.
once triumphant beats slow their tone;
the music soon inaudible.
all slips away...

And as heated air scalds and burns
deep beneath the flesh,
sprouting vines wind 'round ---
so suffocating.

Eyes dry as a bone
the Sahara
has become an ocean as well,
flooding the depths of that which is
my soul.


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I believe I submitted this once elsewhere, but the thing was scam. I also posted it on my facebook page, but it should be private/only viewable to my friends. Lastly, I posted it on my old xanga blog. And possible my deviantart page. I wrote this myself. Thanks.

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