What’s going through there minds right now?

Where are they going?

I’ll never forget there faces…. for now

I know in a few years I will

And yet that doesn’t sadden me,

Although I know it should


These men go through so much,

They fight to protect me

And yet I am not as appreciative as I should be..



They have families

They are wives, mothers, fathers, husbands, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons.

They have lives


And yet I can only think of the negative

The bad they will go through


And then I think of how lucky I am that I don’t have to go through that


I’ve always been told that I have luck.

I wish everyone could be lucky

But then it wouldn’t exist


And then I suppose we all wouldn’t be lucky,

And we would be back to having soldiers fight for us

And little girls like me would write about it

I suppose I will never understand this vicious cycle.

But I can try

Try to understand it

Try to reason with it

I try

May we all try

Try to not get killed

Try to be lucky

Try to be the best we can be

Try to get somewhere in life

Try to never forget those who fight for us. 

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