The Soldier

In a world where words are the strongest weaponry,

Where syllables can tumble down with the power of a tsunami,

Drowning is often easier than it should be. 


Each word a piercing bullet with a fatal shot, 

Each sentence with the flow of a torrential downpour, 

Surviving is often harder than it should be. 


Words can be weaponry, 

But words can also be shields, 

Every diphthong holding back all of the devastations. 


Using each affricate as armour,

Each constant as cover, 

You begin building strongholds. 


Each stronghold with more strength, 

But the strength is you, 

More defence with perfect diction. 


You grow higher and stronger, 

You are no longer drowning,

You are thriving. 


Turn the sharp-tongued bullets,

into wood for your barracks, 

Turn each winding wave of destruction, 

into disdain for dying. 


Victors only ever stand together.

When you are done building,

When you're as strong as you think you'll ever become

Help someone else become just as strong. 

You'll quickly learn that surviving together is better.  

This poem is about: 
Our world


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