Society's Consumption



Enslavement of the mind. 
Implemented by the white man’s design. Predestined to be consumed by society from conception.
Worth then instilled by the out-lookers who set out to puppet you.
To rob, steal, and kill.
Fostered by the streets, all they know how to do is “make money, eat, and then repeat”.
Mentality of a beast. 
Interfacing of a thug.
Never being released or unplugged. Unplugged from there meaningless world of godless living simulated through the media that it’s a norm.
Projected on our skin draped in dark.
Turn us against our own. Forcing us to hate and fight the same.
They brainwashed and broke our mental fortitude, constructing us to compartmentalize our brown shades.
To interpret and glue our train of thoughts, the same plan Lynch had.
Giving the illusion that we should hate. Master of deception, corruption and evil. Making it normal to judge our own.
I’m not one to judge, but if I should I’d say they were cradled by false government and programmed to decay in an already decaying society.
All the while, the white man bathes in its glory of deceit.
Deception hidden behind color.
An unforeseen mental imprisonment of the brotha.
With no bars, no chains, no nine to five(s). But an eternity of misconstrued images concealed in our thoughts that we’ve passed down through our lines.
And of documents they gave us to sight, in efforts to fabricate the TRUTH.
You say it’s a situational circumstance?

I say that's FALSE.

Yet all we can do is wait and yearn for the day of awakenings.

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem spoke truth

amazing piece-very inspiring

it's essential that we convey and resonate the importance of minority's true identity

love this poem

great work and keep writing


Thanks so much for the comment. I appreciate it! I'm glad it reached someone!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i'm a power poetry mentor that helps poets to continue telling their own life story

i've written about many topics

if you need support in terms of your poems, i'm here to encourage to keep writing and be the absolute best


Thanks so much! (:


This is one of the most amazing racially fueled pieces ive read in a while. This really made me happy to see that someone finally knows how to write doen the truth. Great work!


This is an amazing piece. This has a lot of truth to it.


Im so upset that i just read this today, But goodness this was well put together and described out how slavery still exist but in our minds


Nice poem, but you write as if every white man is racist and that's not true.
Also, if that's a picture of the KKK, they had their faces covered.


Thank you. I used "white man" as a metaphor for society's system. People tend to say, " it's the man keeping us down" or the "white man" meaning the system. The poem is about how the African-American culture is corrupted and how we judge each other within our culture.


great point of view .


This is amazing I love your used of words and how you described a bad issue in this country this really touched my heart


Snap. Snap. Mothereffing snap!

Jan Wienen

The skin is just a package ... true color is in the inside ... enjoyed your poem ... lotsa

Poetry Master

Amazing wordflow. You have an amazing talent that is sure to go somewhere

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