Social Media Love

We want love but shy away from hurt

The best we can do these days is flirt

We send nudes and post selfies

Send confessions that cry “help me”

For we all just want to be loved


But when push comes to shove

We run away from commitment

Text so many, they seem no different

We run to the forums and beg for somebody

Because anybody is better than nobody


We can show our bodies but we can’t show our hearts

Because we’re too afraid it will be torn apart

We want someone next to us but not someone close

Because that person you once loved had become a ghost

We fear the pain but we crave the pleasures

For we all just want to be loved


We crave it so much, seeking it out

Even when our heads are filled with fears and doubts

We like photos and make comments

Artificial “how are you(s)?” with the truths overdue

Wondering how someone like that could love someone like you

We all want to be loved past these damaged screens

But damn these damaged screens are blinding


I can’t see who is real and who is fake

It’s this feeling of lies I cannot shake

Filters and photoshop apps in line on your phone

Thinking beauty will save you but you’re still all alone


Through damaged screens we are all damned to be

I see you hurting behind that phone

Wishing you could turn his heart of stone

Those nudes won’t make him love you

You’ll understand all too soon

That we are all damaged beings

Unable to commit to feelings


Addicted to social media love

Don’t you wish you were loved?


This poem is about: 
Our world


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