Soar through the water.

She is a dolphin whose heart skips – a – beat when seeing him

Again, the ocean tide comes in a rush of a fish struggling to swim

And her friend splashes, who her heart is taken by?

When he’s right there, she replies with a sweet, sweet lie

However, the lord has her soul and will keep her awake

For all the pain she’s been through, to move it all away, he will take

And he tells her she is an emotional pain

When in truth, she counts from one to ten to hear the rain

She is a dolphin

Vibrant, young, and wishing the best for all

Her soul is taken by her lord whom she will call

When the swordfish leaves, they both look guilty

But she continues moving on with sparkling eyes, misty

She is a dolphin whose heart skips – a - beat

 She is a dolphin

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