So You Aren't Flawless ?

Mon, 11/24/2014 - 18:23 -- KG-95


Flawless is just a word or so they say. 

There is no perfect women or man.

Humans are as tainted as they come.

But when you fall in love.

How will you see that person?

Will you continue to see them as perfect as they seem?

Will you continue to see the light they provide?

Have you ever fell in love with yourself?

There comes a time when you hate yourself?

When your own shadow becomes your own dark cloud.

You will see flaws in every corner.

You'll see every curve and edge in your body have something wrong.

You'll see a sky without a sun and a moon without a light.

But some how survive the truama of not loving yourself.

You survive the glares you give yourself in the mirror.

You survive your own personal hell.

Then you realize that your imperfections make you FLAWLESS.

You wake up realizing your skin tone is beautiful and no "beauty" company will ever make you wish you were Lighter,Fairer,or Paler.

That the wrinkle you hated so much represents the times you smiled and that it is a symbol of how happy you feel.

Realizing that waking up is a miracle and not just a routine.

You are Flawless with or without your war paint.

You are Flawless with what god gave you and only you can rock that face.

You are Flawless with your mistakes and errors.

You are Flawless because you went on living even when you hated the person that loved you the most.


You overcame self-hate and realized that the sun rises in your eyes.

You overcame  the biggest problem every girl in America is face with.

You woke up Flawless.

You went to sleep Flawless.

Yourself love is Flawless.

So that makes  YOU FLAWLESS.


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