So They All Thought

So she thought she was popular. 

She was kind, she was funny. 

So she thought. 


So they thought she was stupid

She was fat, and she was trying to be what she is not. 

She they thought.


So he thought she was not pretty.

She was not skinny, she was not perfect.

So he Thought.


What wasn't a thought? 

She was good enought, she was smart, and she was herself.

This was the truth, not just a thought.


So all the thoughts and all the emotions.

All the lies and all the truths;

All were once in present tense, which is so very true.


The was once was an is, those thoughts were once active.

Everyone only remebers the was;

That's all there is.


So she thought... and they thought.

So he thought.

So they all thought it wouldn;t end like this.


With a was... Instead of an is. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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