So Tell Me

My dearest darling,When will you learn that you are more than enough? More than the trees could ever sway to or the birds could ever sing? When will you learn that my love isn't conditional, that I will love you no matter what? That being your crazy, mistake ridden, forgiving, addicted, loving, open self will be more than enough for me. When will you learn that I don't care if you say that you have to scratch your butt or you burp in front of me. To be honest I find it charming. You know why? Because that means we are comfortable in front of each other. We have each other and love each other enough to not care about those things! I don't care if you hurt your toe and it's bleeding and nasty. Show me that disgusting mess and I'll sympathize with you cause that sucks. I'm not here for all the roses and poems and romance of it all. I am here to support you through everything. So don't be afraid to tell me about your day. The little things that bothered you or the miracle that occurred. I want to hear everything. I want to know you and your life so don't be afraid to tell me. I want to know your mistakes and trails and things you struggle with. And no not just your chocolate milk addiction ( which is getting better and I am very proud.) I love you and I know you love me too. So tell me. I already know you are more than enough for me. You are better than anything I could ask for. So tell me and will listen. 


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