So little is known

I have seen so little in this life

The people I know fill my head with stories

but my eyes have not seen the fullness of this earth

I have seen so little of this world

The pictures in the sky tell tales of the wilds and the humans all far away

The way I've seen you look is the most I've know of the outside

I have seen so little of this world

All the trees dig so deep down, I know they see more than they reveal

All the birds tell secrets that I don't understand

I have seen so little of love

The sweet caress of my dear late at night

Think of the future when your hands set my body on fire

Oh no, so little of love to fuel my waking musings

Oh no, so little of life to tell me the next thing I must do

Oh no, so little of this world to let me know what more there is


I have seen so little of you, My love.

Enough to set my mind in frantic circles, looking for a place in my brain for you to call home

There wasn't space for you to crush in and the endeavor had to be given over.

There was too much time and the way things were happening, you are no good for me

I love you anyway

All the miles that seperate us in my head span across continents

Please just know that you are loved even if I wasn't there to do it

You are worth more than all the stories in my head but

I guess we'll have to save them for later.

I concede to you the memories of our romance, they are yours.

And mine to forget.


It is time now for me to stop apologizing

It is time now to open a new can of worms and dive in as though tomorrow will come

like it always has

It is time now for dawn to break and bathe my life in fresh and blessed daylight

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