So it Begins


United States
40° 4' 22.4976" N, 75° 10' 8.8716" W

So it begins

I sit here behind the window of colors and letters composed into complex coils of golds, whites, reds and blacks.

I contemplate to myself

What now?

My desire to create was stagnant in my mind

What does the infinite expanse of my mind have to offer to the blank white canvas?

So it begins.

So begins the multiverse of musing to carve out the indefinite scriptures that flower from my mind

So begins the extensive creation of stories that will root contemplation, flowering inspiration in those who will stagger curiously upon the gorgeous canvas of work.

So it begins.

And so, I begin to carve out the blank canvas and start the creation of the seed of inspiration.

So it begins.


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