so it began falling in love is deadly

the day we met i had no plans on comming to see you, i had been blowing you off for weeks now cause i thought you were just another player.i was sitting at my aunts bored & though oh why not go see him lets see what this can play out too. i got lost a million times on the way to the skate park to come meet you, i was so nervous i had butterflys & keep making sure i looked cute i met you at the soccer feild cause i couldnt find the skate park i met you & i followed you to the skate park so nervous cause i had to drive on the park way, you talking to me on the phone the whole way telling me it was okay not to worry. after we got their you asked for hug i was so nervous that i gave you one & went to sit down watching you skate i couldnt stop smilting cause of how cute you were to me we left the skate park & we to the park near my house were we took a little walk in the woods & then played on the play ground you keep trying to kiss me & i didnt think we should kiss yet i mean we did just met i told you my whole life story what i had been through everything tursting you with so much but yet still not knowing you at all i think that was what made me fall for you so fast i told you i had 3 rules no kissing on the first date,  no sex for 6 months cause i wanted to know that you were their for me not cause you could get into my pants & never lie to me or cheat on me simple enough you ended up kissing me later after i told you those 3 things not like i was mad about the kiss cause i wanted to so badly also. we left eachother with simles & as soon as i got home i told my sister about you how i thought you were so diffrent from every boy i had ever met, we started hanging out every day form that day on talking on the phone at night you dealing with me falling asleep on the phone i had falling in love & i couldnt of been happier, our first date we went to youre friends house hung out & then went to the movies ill never forget after the movie we get into youre car you looked at me & said i really like you, i couldnt help but smile & later that night you said youre my girlfirend not asking me but simply telling me i didnt mind cause i wanted the same thing 3 months later & spending mostly everyday together i had falling madly in love with you loving you is the scarriest thing ive ever done sometimes i feel like im not good enough but then i think i might be better off without you, i dont wanna be without you but you breake every promise you said to me said you would stop talking to other girls it still happens to this day said you would show me effort of really wanting to be with me i have yet to see it i though that when youre with someone in the begging its all happy & great but we have fought more than a married couple they say people who have more stuggles come out stronger i just hope its ture                                                                       


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