So I heard you searching for love

So I heard you searching for love

The type of love with an aroma that will lift you off your feet

The type of love that thrives on honesty and generates it's power from that deep warm spot within.

Anything BUT that pretense, "good for nothing" misinterpretation of love

Let me introduce you to an unconditional agape love

This type of love is not intricate but it's impact is far beyond human comprehension 

This type of love knows no boundaries 

It will search out the stripper, the murderer, the adulterer, the lost and even the notorious individual

There is no mathematical formula to solve the question as to why this love is so magnanimous, so pure, so real

The love that I am writing of is the love that God has given us

God loves you and his son Jesus Christ loves you as well!

This is one type of love you did absolutely nothing to earn, so don't be afraid or skeptical to experience this type of love in a deeper level

It will leave you with no scars, no burns. 


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