So High

Give me more energy

I pace my bedroom floor thinking about you definitely

What do I do? What do I say?

My mindset can’t get rid of you

The first time I seen your face a light switched on

Of realization that you completed me

Now I don’t want this to stop

Staring at my ceiling wall wishing you were on top

I’m addicted to this energy

That has taken the best of me

So when I see you I get the giggles, butterflies, good vibes and a smile too

Its difficult to speak the right words

My nerves choke me up, shut me out, making it awkward

With you I get so high

Random thoughts penetrate my mind

I sit back, relax, and don’t even try

I am not scared, got nothing to hide

In my eyes I see perfection

A life full of adventures with many textures

I want to close my eyes, take your hand and go wherever

I put trust in you, who knew?

I would break down the walls to confirm that I like you

I want to show my values, what I have to offer, my care and love

Please let me call first

My eyes only see you, nobody else in the spectrum

See my loyalty and innocent intentions even through the turmoil

Can’t stop thinking about us together one day

I pray it all happens for this fairytale to unravel

That I may get trapped in

I love it when we hug tight

We can hit the clubs right

Cuddle game on cold nights

Cooking food is a major highlight

Your smile shines so bright

Your affection takes me on a long flight

I’m gone… With you I get so High

Deep thoughts always run my mind

There is nothing I can hide from you and don’t even try…



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