Snowflakes and Puzzle Pieces


Be prettier. Be smarter. Be more athletic. Be more patient. Be skinnier.

Why am I never enough?

They tell me I overreact.

That I am dramatic.

BUT, I use knowledge to succeed. My brain is my security.

I don’t hide behind my books, I apply their content.

Change is scary, but so is irrelevance.

They gossip behind by trusting back.

I focus on proving them wrong.


and Patience.

I am a snowflake.

Unique. Individual. One-of-a-kind.

Perfectly imperfect.

I am a jock, but also a choir nerd.

Learning how to build muscle while also defining tone.

It’s on the inside that matters. Superficial nothing.

We are all puzzle pieces.

Trying to fit in just perfect.

BUT, life is not perfect. It’s jagged, and curvy, and broken.

We should come to realize we are not the sum of what we look like.

Believe in ourselves and know we have the power.

Power to change the world.

Change the way society looks at us.

Change the way men look at us.

Change the way women look at us.

Change the way we look at ourselves.

Loving the body you’ve been given.

Every amazing part.

We are all beautiful.





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