Each and every snowflake is different from the others.

There is something calming about standing outside and watching the snowfall.

The world for once seems brighter, that that darkness that clouds over our eyes is lifted.

There is silence, you are usually scared of the silence because nothing can shut out the voices in your head.

But this silence is calming, your brain stops thinking for once.

When you sit at home watching the snow fall you no longer care about the people around you, that you feel are always judging you.

Nor do you notice the cold as it starts to soak through your clothes.

The snowflakes that are true individuals that are special unlike the people today following societies norms.

It puts you in a trance, it isn’t until you can either no longer stand the cold you just notice, or you are called inside.

When you can finally see a light in the darkness, shut out the opposing voices, and for once relax.

You think maybe life isn’t so bad, for these moments every once in awhile.


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