Snow White's Redemption

Let me tell you a story,

And allow me some of your time,

As well as some of your heart.


Let me tell you a story about a girl named Snow White,

A girl traditionally known for her beauty,

Her purity,

And her kind heart above all else.

Though if there was more to her story,

It may have went like this.


Snow white was a young girl,

Who did not grow up with the love of her mother,

Or that of her father’s.

She was a lonely child,

Who often sought company in animals.

She was reclusive,

And kept to herself.


Her father had passed,

But her mother remained in the world of the living.

Her mother was quite unwell in fact.

She had difficulty coping with the grief of losing her husband,

And that caused her to be an absent parent,

often times even abusive.


Snow white wanted to be loved.

She often wondered to herself,

If she was perhaps unlovable.

It did not help that her mother was dismissive,

Treating her as a source for disgust.

She was naïve,



And she began to fear that she was perhaps ugly.

She thought if only she were beautiful,

Love would be attainable.

That the empty void she felt,

Could be filled.


Snow White would cry in front of her mirror,

In disgust,

And refuse to eat.

She believed she could become beautiful through becoming thin,

And thus be loved.

It was apparent she had developed an eating disorder.


Her relationship did not improve with her mother,

And she found solace in running away in her sleep.

She had recurrent dreams of being whisked away,

By a charming man,

Who loved her,

Who validated her,

Who thought her beautiful.


By young adulthood,

She had found a job as an inn keeper,

Snow White and her mother,

Shared few words,

If ever.

When she moved out,

She did so quietly,

and it was as if her mother and her had lived separately,

in spite of being under the same roof for so long.


Soon enough,

She had begun eating again.

The process of healing was well on its way,

And she found her inn to be popular,

As she was known for the warmth she eagerly shared,

And making guests feel quite at home.


She was quite content with her life,

And though no prince had yet come,

She felt she could be happy regardless.


After all,

She had all the love she needed in her heart,

And more than enough to share with others.





Artwork by Ink-Yami (Lydia) of Deviantart


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