Snow White



Snow White


Once upon a time, right that’s how all the great Fairy Tales begin. Yeah the ones that everyone loves? Well I don’t know if you could call this a fairy tale. But here goes nothing, My name’s Snow. Snow White. Yeah I know what a weird name, but, my Mom wanted a daughter with ebony black hair, pale white skin and blood red lips. My Mom wanted me to look like this ever since, she was sowing and she pricked her finger. The blood dripped off her finger and on the fresh snow, then she dreamed of a girl with ebony black hair..etc. Yeah it’s a pretty embarrassing story, but that’s the reason I’m named Snow White. That’s one of the only memories I remember of my Mom before she passed away. She got really sick and died when I was eight, on my birthday. Yes you could imagine best birthday ever (note the sarcasm). Yeah it’s hard not having your Mom around, but you have to stay strong.


My Dad remarried a couple years later, of course he married an insane lady. Her name is Regina, she is very beautiful, but she has that edge to her. Sort of like a evil pretty, she has a magic eight ball that she talks to. Yeah well enough with Regina, I going to college soon, I’m studying business. My Dad says I need to keep the family company going, even though I want to be a Nurse; I like the idea of saving someone, but I don’t get much of a choice. My Dad wants me to be just like him when I’m older the “King” of business, or in my case the “Queen”.


“Dad, when are we leaving to go to England? I have to be there no later than Monday!”


I was leaving to go to University of  Cambridge. I was super excited but nervous at the same time. I was joining the sorority my Mother was in when she graduated from Cambridge.


“Just hold on sweetie we have to wait for Regina,” my Dad responded. I sighed waiting to leave for the airport with Dad and Regina. I could never call Regina, Mom it would never sound right. She never seemed to be motherly type over the past years. I walked past Regina’s room, when I heard her talking to her infamous “magic” eight ball. I swear my Dad married a nutjob.


I heard her whispering to her eight ball,” Magic eight ball who is the fairest in the city?”


“Snow White, Regina it has always been Snow White,” the magic eight ball answered.


“How can it be?! You have always told me it was I who was most fair!” She screamed. I stood quietly towards the door when I fell, making it obvious I was eavesdropping.


I slowly turned around when Regina called out my name, “ Snow! Don’t think that just because your fairest and all you won’t be grounded for eavesdropping.”


“I was just walking out Regina, and if you're going to ground me just before I leave to go to University. You’re insane,” I said before turning around. Regina couldn’t boss me, she could never be a mother to me.




My Dad and I waited patiently as Regina carefully put her eight ball in her purse. After going through security, and checking in our bags, we safely boarded our plane. Regina and my Dad were going on vacation in London, while I went to school. The plane ride was boring, but the sky was beautiful as it started to set. Tomorrow is going to be one busy day.




My Dad woke me up early in the morning, or so I thought the seven hour time difference was killing me. Regina woke up extremely grumpy, I didn’t know if it was the fact that she was jealous of me “being more fair”  whatever that meant, or that if it was just way too early.


Once we got there my dad pulled up to the sorority Kappa Delta. I was extremely excited I couldn’t wait to live independently with other girls. The house was huge and there were so many girls there signing in. As I walked in to sign up a friendly face stopped beside me,” Hi  welcome to Kappa Delta!” she shouted excited in a cute british accent. “You can walk over here to set your bags, we’ve been dying to finally meet you girls!”


“Haha thanks, that means a lot since my Mom went here,” I replied sincerely. Regina and Dad dropped me off and were on there way to tour around the city. After everyone’s parents left, the oldest “sisters” introduced themselves.


“Hi everyone I’m Brittany, I am the head sister,” she spoke sweetly. She had long blonde hair with electric blue eyes.


“I’m Gemma,” she had dark brown hair with green eyes. After everyone had finished introducing themselves, the older sisters decided to have a “test”. I didn’t know what they meant by that, but I happily joined along. Everyone grabbed a blank piece of paper, “Okay everyone, on this piece of paper you will be quizzed on the history of Kappa Delta.”


I must have looked like a deer in headlights, I had no idea we were suppose to know about the sorority in general. My mind went blank with each new question they responded, I was in complete and utter shock. My mind was racing with what if’s? What if they kick me out? What if they make fun of me?



“Anyways that’s how I ended up getting kicked out of the Kappa Delta,” I explained to the cute seven sorority girls that lived across the street. I had no idea what I was thinking telling these girls everything even though I had just met them.


“Stay with us!” one of them exclaimed. I didn’t want to bother them, but they insisted on me staying with them.




The next day was a whole lot better, but of course in London it was rainy weather. I had afternoon classes, but all the girls had morning classes. I stayed home, but the weather was horrible I felt a fever coming. Someone in the house had told a one of the old housemaids that I was sick and she came over to give me some medicine.


There was a knock on the door and I opened it to the old lady with a bottle of NyQuil. “Hello, my dear. I was told that you were sick, I brought you some NyQuil so you can get better soon,” the old lady insisted.


“I shouldn’t, I’m have class soon and I can’t sleep-in on my first day. But thank you anyways,” I replied thankful.


“Oh you must it’s the best medicine in the whole city!” she exclaimed.


“Well, I should be alert during my class,” I took the medicine and drank the required  amount. I didn’t even remember, my eyes droopping down in drowsiness.


*(different POV)

“Oh! Snow! She’s unconscious,” one of the girl’s exclaimed.


“She took too much NyQuil,” another said.


“She wasn’t suppose to take NyQuil, she was suppose to take DayQuil! She’ll be asleep forever now” two exclaimed sadly. They quickly called the ambulance, when they called the handsome boy next door heard all the noise and went over.


“Hey what’s wrong?” He asked curiously.


“Our friend drank too much NyQuil and she’s unconscious now.” He walked over to Snow and lied down next to her. He thought Snow was gorgeous and kissed her softly, the paramedics rushed in and took Snow to the hospital where she woke up. The handsome boy and Snow ended up falling in love and got married after they both graduated.


The End.



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