Snake Road at Night

There's a road I roam

Bendy pavement silk

Tantalizing the bone

With moonlight's lit milk


Three dots in the sky

Compass lead me to home

Please be no lie

In this scary black dome!


Night's a killer

As it watches over me

A gypsy listening to Thriller

Make sways the trees


The shadows that lurk

Oh how they stare

Their stare gives me a jerk

In this cold solid air


The slam of a shutter

The slicing of leaves!

Makes me melt like butter

Oh where's the gentle breeze?


In this place

I'm all alone

In this space

Of broken gnomes


The scratched up paint

To the teary cries!

Make me wanna faint

And maybe wanna die!


You scare me snake road

I'm not going to lie

But you are my jungle abode

And it makes me wanna cry

This poem is about: 
My community


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