Smiling: A connection to my inner-self.

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 17:46 -- webbr

Smiling is not an occurrence that I known as strange.

Occurring most every single day.

Yet when times get tough,

The going gets rough, and a smile is harder to come by.

As they say, life takes a turn and the known soon goes away.

Sought to be found tomorrow, or maybe that day is only filled with sorrow!

To be grounded in the now, is to bring light to the situation at hand.

Such brings hope for my hindered spirit, which can’t ever be described as bland!

Living with passion every day, and never letting my core go astray.

Smiling because I know I’m loved, but physically I don’t always feel that in the air.

Knowing the truth will always set me free, and the rest is only temporary.

It is the returning to dance that will never lead me astray, from the smiles that I have coming my way.

Making me feel a feel that is not like the rest.

Infact, one that I consider the utmost best!

Fulfilling more than the physical need, but satisfying the spiritual as well.

It creates me into a masterpiece; one that I’m intertwined in, one where I can dwell.

Beautiful beyond belief, yet organic and true as the sea.

A feel where my soul is set free, as the rhythm overtakes me.

At times, only moving to the pounding of my heart.

Holding on to the liberation that has set me free from the troubles that I see!

It is in this state that I truly win;

as reality rushes forth in the truest of kinds.

And inside I know I am where I belong.

In a place that is home away from home.

Home, as a place to go to when life gets too chaotic to handle.

There I know, waits for me opportunities to be my true self.

And additionally those which extend to the heavenly realms.

Even so, life will come and life will go.

With every passing of another day, a smile is a gift in some small way.


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