Smell of Smoke

It's funny how love has a smell

It comes when two bodies fit perfectly together

Like long lost halves

Pieces missing from a whole

It's funny how long that smell lingers

In sheets

In clothes

In hair, sweat-stained

The walls and air and bodies

I still smell like your love last night

I still feel like your love last night

It's funny how the smell always has a feeling

Like when you are home

Tucked away in safe places where nothing could find you

Nothing could touch you except this feeling

Except my hands in your bed

My lips

Your lips on my thighs

It's funny how all of that fits into a smell

Sour and sweet

Like smoke from a dying fire

Begging and crackling to stay alive

For no other reason but to keep lovely bodies warm

Keep loving bodies warm

Keep blood in lips that spill kisses

Like clouds spill rain after days with no water

Light as air

As the touch from your hands

Like smoke from a dying fire

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