I don’t think we ever come to understand our greater importance in this ___ world.

we believe our lives are so trivial compared to everything else, when really our lives are just being compared to the things

smaller than us .


the detours are in the details;

the reddish-orange on an orioles’ wing the way it flaps however many beats per second . or the way clouds change and mesmerize do they swirl in patterns, or was it planned ?


we think we are so small and we are .


we choose to look at minor details in the ‘greater concept’ of life in the universe,

spent in the universe, at this time .

we don’t look into the details of a ‘life-force’ itself to determine its awesomeness . it’s awesome because it’s there .


if we compare ourselves to other things,

and then from there

determine that we are inferior by comparison,

are we, only by submission ?


This poem is about: 
Our world


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