Sliding Misfortuned Swipes

Sliding misfortuned swipes glides

seemingly fast through the card hungry

mouth of an EDC machine feeding

bank statements like never before

just have to get that elegant decor

you've been craving for, wanting more

goods to store under the door, the

frivolous soldiers of posession at ready arms

prepared to defend your ego  until the debt..

I meant to say death, but to most they're pretty much

synonymous with one another

so keep yourself warm with fur robes of

luxury, it appears to have an affinity to scathe skin

with its jagged edges of envious blades tucked

deep within the fabrics belly

so keep on, ride the economic wave

and wear the fur of blades

for death and debt will always carry

in its grasp, a financial fool away

death and debt wear the same reaper grin

inevitably soon as your soldiers scream out

'MEDIC!', it'll be far too late, the difference

between death and debt is that at the call

of a begging plea for a medic

debt always responds with

"will that be debit or credit?"

sliding misfortune slices away

your pitiful head at the expense

of a debt's reaper grin.

-Julien Grey




Interesting way to describe debt. 

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