Sleeping Devil


United States
33° 39' 48.5136" N, 117° 15' 42.2388" W

The young man approached

Lips parting like petals

His eyes shining like medals

He pressed his mouth against hers in a moment of cool triumph.

True love’s eternal promise whispered in his ear,

He shushed it with an idea more near:


Yes, they would be lovers.

She was his to be had

Not a friend, not a comrade

No, she would be his.


Sparks ignited against their lips

A transfer of ownership

A master calling to the owned

Dragging the other towards its new home.


She was groggy, a disturbed beauty

Her eyes shot open like brilliant stars,

Then closed in a fraction of a second—


In ecstasy.


No, they would not be lovers

He was hers to be had

As more than a comrade

Yes, his soul would be hers


He crumbled against the harsh pressure,

His body reduced to a few ashes as his spirit fueled hers.


Closing her eyes she resumed her position and waited

Yet again.


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