Sleeping Beauty's Real Problem

Aurora's story was twisted in her mind

she hid every truth, kept the audience blind

because her realest issue was not witches or balls

but a serious addiction to strong alcohol 

As a child her mind wandered

people thought her insane

as she pointed out fairies 

they're real! she proclaimed

Driven with madness she turned to the drink

started speaking to creatures

not stopping to think

So her parents grew worried

and created a plan

to stop all her nonsense

and get her a man

they poisoned her cup

with a sleeping elixer

and she wouldnt wake up

till a prince came and kissed her!

When one day it happened

the prince came in closer

the princess lay still

fast asleep and hungover

He leans over to kiss

placing his lips on hers

Aurora's eyes open

as the moment occurs

Mom and Dad sit and wait

hoping princess is healed

but the prince found her ugly 

love he did not feel

So he left her for home

and she sat there in tears

Mom and Dad sat in worry

no direction to steer

but Aurora was strong

suddenly realizing

her problems were hers

and she had to start trying

So she picked herself up

and helped her life recover

started AAAA  meetings

so she could help others

and all princesses gathered

in great celebration

for Auroras Alcoholics Anonymous Association.

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Our world


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