Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty slept her life away.

Dreaming of a day where she could just go away 


Finally awoke after a long needed slumber.

Her thoughts stumbled and trembled, she was reminiscin' of a day where she could once again be with the man of her dreams.

He had gone away, long away to a war in a place way unknown.

She did not know what to think, but she knew what she wanted to drink

Poison. To let her mind be at ease for an eternity.

She had a glass at the side of her bed.

Cup was blood red, full of fine wine.

She released the capsule of poison by her bed side.

Contemplatin’, “Should I, do it?” “He should come back, or maybe I should jus sit back and relax.”

Seconds, Minutes, and Hours passed on by and for a while was she giving into temptation.

She’s been waiting for her lover for 8 years now.

Her hand reached out for the cup of death she’s been on the brink to drink

As the reach was hitting its peak the man she loves so to speak, stepped through the door.

Her eyes slightly gazed she looked so amazed the man she deemed worthy came back to her.

Tears flowed from her iris and she hugged the man with all her might.

“Dreams really come true” she spoke shrilly while trying to choke back the tears from 8 years.



This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world
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I wrote this poem about my dad coming back from the military since today, 8/1/2017 is the day of their anniversary. 

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