Slaves to Tecnology


Dehumanization Along with Slavery and Technology


Our human existence has been made corrupt:

All these phones and electronics have separated us.

Life has come to stop abrupt

Every beep buzz and fuss

Has made our lives obey only one.

We type text and call 

only to pause and stun 

At the time we spent typing “lol.” 

Our own outcome honestly offers 

only our awful order of phones 

to control our sons and daughters 

like our brain controls our bones .

It is sad when we resort to comment “dang shotty you fine” 

rather than approaching one with “will you be mine.”


Our minds have succumbed to our device 

Like slaves to a master.

Like we have poured a bucket of cold ice 

On our minds, a numbing disaster.

Particularly pertaining personally 

to probably pick potential problems possibly 

proportionately presenting an out of place 

undesirable phone revolved philosophy.

Where have gone the stars, banner and spangle?

All that is here is this developed rectangle 

And try and work the angle 

Of omnipotency in our lives that will just strangle.

Instead of being a slave to a whip, lash, and harsh tone 

We are slave to our small, little iPhone.



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