Slanderous, wonderous, touch my heart

I wish I was a tree.


I wish I was the sound the sea makes when no one is watching

I wish I was the pigeon you saw in sitting on a telephone line when you were seven and thought it was a hawk.

Oh my god!

I wish I was the graffiti tag on the water tower that makes you wonder,

"Man, how did anyone get up there?"

I wish I was the giant cardboard IPad in the apple store window that has a monitor for it's screen

I wish I was the Volkswagen that took The Grateful Dead to Woodstock

I wish I was the little Aztec girl with no shoes and big holes in my ears, holding a golden cup in my chubby hands

Saints alive!

I wish I was the woman my parents want me to be

I wish I was the smartest person in the world so I wouldn't have to talk to anybody

I'll be damned!

I wish I was the wrinkled old Rastafarian woman that lives in the mountains with the sound of laughter in her ears

I wish I was the War that the humans all fought for reasons unknown

I wish I was the faceless entity in all your dreams

Great Caesars' Ghost!

I wish I was the horizon in Texas where everything is sand and road and majestic wind turbines turning slowly in the sky like the oceans

I wish I was the neon in a Chinese restaurants' sign

"Take out 24 hours"

I wish I was the homeless dog, head rested on master's lap like there is no where I'd rather be

I wish I was a poet

I wish I was the cameraman on every Travel channel show about food culture where you watch other guys eat everything


I wish I was that extra deep pothole that you can't just step over

I wish I was the first day of true Spring when you can smell it, like the winter is gone for good

Bloody Hell!

I wish I was the last cold swig of tea that everyone swears is where all the sugar went

I wish I was the feeling people get from kissing

I wish I was the one true religion


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Our world


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