Slam for Trayvon: Running from Superman

A shadow in the night

Here comes the opportunity.

For some Old timer, trying to be Superman

to redeem himself.


A shadow in the night.

I'll take him

This comfy little suburb

I'll save it.


For in the night

lurks a shadow

In the night 

lurks a monster



In the night

lurks a boy

who was just trying to get home

In the night 

lurks a boy

who was trying to hold his own

in the night 

lurks a boy

arizona and skittles in hand

In the night 

lurks a boy's body

destroyed by the "Savior's" command

In the night

cries a mother

with lost dreams

and dead hopes

cries friends

who are afraid of the unknown

cries young black males

who don't even know

What they mean to this society



and in the night

Superman cries Self-defense

but it was Superman

who someone needed defense against


In the night

murdered are civil rights


Oh, What a lonely night.

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