Slam Behind the Curtian

What do I look like to you?

I look sweet, innocent or

Do I look like someone you can take advantage?

I look like I put up with a lot of mess.

I look like you can ruin me.

I look like someone you “need.”


So many times I wish I could tell you, how I truly feel.

This flesh really wants you to truly know how I feel.

This body truly wants to make you truly feel!

I want to burst from the seams of these carpet lungs and yell.

Yell across the room to where my voice can travel light years.

The fact is, this woman behind these curtains is shattered to pieces by you

And what better way to make you understand than to make you miserable.

However, it is something I just don’t do.


So instead of splitting the curtains of my tears in half, I will rather stand.

Stand behind these curtains that are rather torn and ripped.

Die to this flesh and crush bone

I don’t want you to see me, the old.

Woman that truly wants you to feel, instead see


See this Man

This Man that’s standing in front of the cold crack of my fabric seam

Who says, “Give all cares and worries unto me

Give me the shattered and torn pieces of your broken mind

And give me the remnants of your heart

And I will give you rest.


By that I WILL STAND in the splitting of your tears, catching every drop and throwing it into the sea.

I will be your protector, your tower, your long waited hour.

I will wash you in my drenching red and your pain will be my armor.

So instead of you in front of the curtain, they see Me.”

Yes, I MYSELF like to peak out behind the shags, because Mr. Pride and Tongue want to say Hi.

And yes, I MYSELF may make noise and grumblings because of my human form.

Distracted, from the true goal

Losing the Focus


Which is…do you see Him

Do you see Jesus in front of my curtain?







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