Slam Behind the Curtains

Distance: Another Love Story

A screaming heart, a yearning soul

It's what I've come to, after finding you.

A broken mind, a restless body

Love has finally proven its bounds.


Comforting thoughts cloud my head as I stay awake,

Away from your presence.

“All is fair in love and war,” they say?

Love has been fairly fair, war can only mean compromise.


If words are able to charm hearts and soothe souls

Break a few bones, master feeble fears

Words are yet all I have to offer, the humblest offering.

“An eye for an eye,” they say?


Forever is lengthy so it seems, promises much the heavier in tolls

Heaven forbid I loose you, I'm yours until you need me.

Your happiness is mine, she says.

Forever remains a breath waiting to be taken.


Differences are the root cause of the problem they say.

I say, if you have dared to love – love is enough.

Love remains to stitch patches, ditch hatches.

If love is at all blind: then it is safe to say, he can see me.


Sleepless nights and awakened hopes,

In spite of distances that keep two souls apart

Luck has touched belief to spark an immortal fire

Secrets revealed, trust unveiled.


Empty arms, never before made wishes

Dreams collide as you and I paint new pictures.

Strokes of strained patience, fires of frustration

You'll never stop taking my breath away, she says.


If soul and mate can ever be soul-mate, 1200 miles should have no say.

Seconds crawl by; a single thought of you springs silly smiles.

They say it is a passing thing…

I'm drowning in what should be mine until I have it!


There goes a shooting star, some baffling wonders.

I'm no poet and no poet can tell my tale,

An inch of what I've been wonder-struck with:

A bright moon amidst thunderous skies.


Shady palms, light afternoon breezes

You're mine and I'm yours, this is our eternal love story.

“Time can only tell,” they say?

Tall grasses and never-ending roads, I have much to tell time.


 Life is no fairy tale, rainbows are a rare sight.

My companion? Evil to the core.

If one is a unit, I'm your sidekick, she says.

Difficulties remain, the future to pull two beings close.


I'm not perfect, not your average gal

Black roses and wild beasts remain my friendly screams

Disclaimers disclosed, contracts signed

Mrs. Grinch can cross any bridge high or low, no guarantees... without tripping below...


I love you, I love you, I love you.

I feel I can never have enough of you, she says.

A waiting park bench, a llama face, a breathtaking sunset:

I told you so.

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