Skin Deep


Beauty is not so skin deep

That it can't be touched 

by a mouse

on the screen of a nation

screaming for a change

As they reach inside 

to push the self-destruct button

So that one day the may appeal

Be appealing to the sex 

that is sensuality 

As they sell their souls on the corners 

of their jagged self-worth

That dwindles down every time

they see a magazine

To see a sci-fy image

a media monster



And smoothed into submission

To the point of unrecognition

Going to extremes to be supreme

A distopian beauty queen

Highlighting flaws to hide them

As they suffocate under unseen clothes

To impress the impressionable Y chromosome

Who impress upon them to be






Until they have no


And they slip through the barbed-wire glimmer 

Through the fad torcher devides

and made-up trenches

And they follow the rainbow all the way home. 


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