Dear Sister,


The first time we met 

You were 5

He was 7

I was 1


There were two sets of parents

One for y’all

One for me

Full sets, 2 in each


The next time we met

You were 11

He was 13

I was 7


There was one set of parents

One for y’all

Two halves for me

Divorce destroys


The third time we met

You were 13

He was 15

I was 9


There were no sets of parents

Half of one for y’all

One half and an unmentioned second for me

Death conquers


And now

You are 22

He is 24

I am 18


There is one set of parents

Two halves make a whole

One we share

Marriage reinvents


This new structure 

Broke us 

For a while

One set and 3 pieces


Strangers living together

You yelled, I hid

Angry at the set

Ambivalent towards each other


He helped

As brothers do

The in-between 

Broke the silence


Time heals

Or at least helps


Not perfect, but there



Your New-ish Sister



This poem is about: 
My family


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