Sing Unto Me a New Song

Sing unto me a new song
Not one full of everlasting love
I do not wish to hear about joy
Tell me more about heartache
Tell me about the reality of love
Sing about the pain
Speak of the tears that are bound to come
Let the notes of the guitar and the bass of the drums release the evils of love

Sing unto me a new song
Talk about backstabbers
Lie to me not about friends for life
Say the truth
Say that people only stay for seasons
Say that there is no one who won't betray your trust
Don't give shades of gray about besties
Harsh reality is what I prefer

Sing unto me a new song
Admit your siblings' dislike
Profess your parents' resentment
Shed light on the broken promises and hidden secrets
Do not tell me about holiday celebrations
Let the piano keys expose the sorrow that is covered
Such reality is undermined
But such reality is inevitable

Sing unto me a new song
For the one you sing is nothing but lies
It hides the reality and disguises the corruption
Make music of what is real
No longer put up a facade
Allow the harp's sweet tunes to deliver the darkness
Because it is what I prefer
Because it is the truth
Because it is real
Sing unto me a new song


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