There is a wish I hold dear to my heart

To live a simple life

I hold as my deepest regard

For even the thought of this wish

Is like the stabbing of a shard


I wish with great desire to be a shark

To be a swimmer and simply a swimmer

A beautiful absence of identity

I will know nothing

Other than I am a swimmer,

A swimmer with a colossal appetite 


For the sake of my sanity, I wish to be an ant

To know nothing expect, I’m tiny and strive to survive 

I’m now worth a thousand ants, yet

They may still roam my home without worry

For they stay grounded on their own world


When I dream, I wish to be a windflower

To carry no burdensome thoughts

I shall sit in the sun’s rapture at day

And patiently await it’s magnificence at night

Or I will be picked by a poor roaming child


Since childhood, I've hoped to grow to be a child

To be wanderer of wonder and explore my vast home

I will appreciate its undeniable preciousness

For my home will be my invaluable world

And I’ll see with wondering eyes

It is the same for my fellow neighbors




This poem is about: 
Our world


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