"Simple things matter"

Listening to my grandma's anecdotes

of when she was young.

Taking some time alone pondering

about memories of the past.

Dancing and singing to my favorite song

 when no one is home.

 Indulging with a sugary and comforting dessert.

 Are the motives why my days lightens up.


Having a conversation with a friend of the past

and the opportunity of seeing their face again,

 have made me cry of happiness once before. 

You can say that I am simple person,

but untimely the material and artificial things in life diminish

and what it is left are the moments that made you smile.

The instants that the rest of the world disparage

for instance, unpretentious acts of kindness, memories of a first love

or the sweet feeling of victory when you accomplish a goal in life;

are the reason of my good spirits and contentment towards the raising days.







This poem is about: 
Our world


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