A Simple Reason

A forest of foliage and light

A gentle breeze through the trees

A sense of magic in the air.

The world twinkles all around,

Each speck of light a pixie, tittering and shimmering

As it flits its wings.


This I feel when he is with me,

Or even when hundreds of miles separates us,

For I know, in my heart, sent aflutter by his visage,

That he truly does care.


“How was your day?”

“Did you remember to eat?”

“Did you get enough sleep?”

“Are you all right?”

“Be safe.”


These words and more he says to me,

Assuring daily that I am well,

And it is these assurances that allow me to know,

Our connection is strong,

The way a flower and bee are closely knit,

Regardless of how far apart we may lay.


And I ask him, I do, why he goes to such lengths.

He sees me most through a screen, through a text,

Very minimal in flesh.

To this, he replies, a twinkle in his eyes,

With a single phrase to be spoken:

“Because I love you, little bean,

No matter how silly you may sometimes be.”


And I look up (he’s a giant you see),

And I think to myself,

Eyes shiny from wonder as well as tears,

That I am safe,

That I am loved,

That I am whole.


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