A Simple Poem...

Wed, 09/25/2019 - 13:46 -- Ktkc

Replace a with e and c with d,

T to k and o to p.

M’s will all be changed to y’s

And b’s will suddenly be i’s.


A simple poem with simple rules,

Yet follow them and chaos ensues.



Pnde Uppn e Dregpn Keil.

Pnde uppn e dregpn keil e feiry lpsk her wend.

Khey were flying high eipve khe dlpuds; ik fell inkp e ppnd!

“Pleese yy friend! We yusk gp dpwn!”

Khe feiry seid wikh e slighk frpwn.


Sp dpwn khey wenk skreighk kp khe pppl,

‘Kwes khere khe feiry lpsk her dppl.

“I yusk find ik! Yusk gek ik iedk!”

Skpyped her fppk end khen heerd e dredk!


Gesps pf hprrpr, eyes widened in surprise,

Khe feiry’s shpuks sppn iedeye dries.

“Khere khere,” khe dregpn seid ek lesk.

Khe feiry kurned pn hiy fesk.


“Dp npk kry kp dpyfprk ye!

Yy wend is irpken den’k ypu see?”


The full (and translated) version of "Once Upon A Dragon's Tail" will be posted soon.

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