Silver swirling, Achelous,

Sun, 02/08/2015 - 18:22 -- shel

Silver swirling, Achelous,
you are a child of Gaia, my
sweet-water love. From the
day I was born, under Neptune's
gaze, I have floated through
starpaths towards your gleaming colors.
You need not take three forms,
dearest, to win me over. Your
own is utopian, from your fingertips
naiads were dreamt into being,
and lead me to you, in Seagirt Meadow.
Gently transcendental, you are
sparkling and opulent, tumbling
through my dreams, wreathed with
moonlight and leaves. My love for
you is chthonic, abundant, undying.
Meet me, darling, on the shores of Lethe
let's forget all else but each other.


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