Silhouette of memory



I use to see your face
On the face of the full Moon
Salute the falling star
Waiting for your message
Or even a call to ease my pain

Nothing but attack I got
I got nothing but wound
With the tenses that past
For your last suite

I used to clean the mirror
And see your face instead

I was absent as I’m now
Lost in the pain
For the suffering of my
Cosmic body

Absent while you maneuver
Others and malfeasant yourself
Enough so I may only
Pity you

I told you
It’s hard to be a Man
Again I repeat
It’s hard to be a man
A kind of Jesus

That broke your hidden Cross
And caused maladies
As concrete as stone

The velvet of my word
Brought to you nothing
But protection

The pearl of my patience
Brought you hope when
Even your cells started
To abandon you

My silky voice was a cure
For your inner pain
You hide as sin and
My appearance was
The manifestation
Of inherited Icon

Today in my face
You see nothing
But a silhouette
While your azure eyes
Turned crimson

Tomorrow I’ll be only
The one you see his
Back-shoulder but
Your tongue shall search
The missing teeth inside
Your mouth

Tomorrow and the day after
You’ll see the previous Giant
That bowed to your lie
As in a front of Mispha
Not because of incoherence
But out of mercy and bliss

You taught me how
To refuse people and
You failed to teach me that

I taught you how to
Embrace instead and
I realized
I failed and I regret for
The times I lost in vain
While my God
Swear in Time.


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