Silent Tears



He sits alone, tears fall from his eyes.

He's hoping someday the bullies will realize,

The pain they cause is worse than a bruise.

He fights for himself but is set up to lose.

He loses the game of life everyday

When the bullies punch and say what they say.

Suicidal thoughts running through his head,

With the careless words those bullies said.


Not knowing the feelings they cause in others.

Or the feelings in the hearts of the victims' mothers.

A mother never wants to see her child hurt,

But is forced to watch as her kid is treated like dirt.

He cries and cries, and his mom does too,

Thinking "What in the world did he ever do?"

He feels on the edge, ready to crack.

Once he's gone...he's not coming back.


The suicidal note is written, at the top is a name.

The name of just another victim of the bullying game.

By letting a heartless bully take over one's life,

Every harsh word feels like a knife.

Turning the knife brings the kid to death.

Tears are followed by the poor kid's last breath.

Pushed and pushed til he finally falls,

Nobody will even miss him in the school halls.


As the last words are written on the page for the night,

Another tear falls to the page, then out of sight.

He falls asleep hoping the next day will be better,

But he will probably sign his suicide letter.

The pain they cause is worse than a bruise,

He fights for himself but is set up to lose.

Suicidal thoughts running through his head

As the harsh words haunt him. Off to bed.


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