Silent Requiem

I cannot hear the piano play.

I can only watch as the notes fade away.

I play in an ocean where sounds are deaf.

So muted is it I cannot hear a natural clef.

I struggle but the ocean soon drags me to its depth.

Shouting as I take my final breath.

My mind goes blank and my hands stop playing.

The crowd is silent for they are still waiting.


I cannot hear the piano play.

I only wish the sounds would stay.

I push the keys but I do not play.

The music was there but it did not stay.

I cannot hear the piano play.

I press the keys but I can only hear them clack.

The crowd now thinks of me as a hack.


I play the music and nothing more.

I see people exit through the door.

I am a machine, made to play.

And from the music I drift away.

I cannot hear the piano play.


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