Silent Noise


56° 7' 49.3176" N, 106° 20' 48.3756" W

Crunch week of the APs

I picked the corner window seats

The quietest

But yet the noisiest

Wanted to concentrate

But yet still procrastinating

Outside the window

There was this tall unknown tree

I saw wind blowing through the leaves

Like the girl sitting next to me

Running her hands through her thick long hair

I saw leaves rubbing against each other

Imagining the crisp fresh sound

Like the sound flipping book pages makes

That is coming from the other far corner of the library

I saw a pigeon flapping her wings

Trying to go to the far north end of the campus

Like the busy foot steps

When people are trying to run to their next lecture

I wanted to concentrate

But yet still distracted by this noisy library.

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