Silent as the grave

Mon, 10/02/2017 - 09:42 -- Neftee

Silence was...
Before you spoke.
While still in my embrace
Your voice ended in quiveres.
Asking qurries we both
didn't want to hear the answeres to.
So they stayed rhetorical.
Open ended questions putter
Off into eternity.
Questions like "why?"
Or "how"
They float away,
Silent as the grave.
Or silent like the response
When single mothers ask where their husbands went.
Silent like tears after a shouting match.
Silent like the void
That was
Left when they ripped
my childhood out of my chest.
Silent but louder then sirens
Soft but harsher then bombs.
Empty but more full then the sea
Distant, but closer then you are to me.
Silence is
Silence will always be.


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