For a larger portion of this existence, it's been quiet, sulking in a vortex of bad decisions and missed opportunities
This tongue has been held, these teeth clenched, jaw locked for far too long
There’s been a fire ignited within this being, this words that spill from this mouth lay firm syllables, lips move to quick every sentence fills the room until people are clawing their way out, suffocating by each layer
I was once told that I was heavy, not physically but in the spiritual sense, that my interests are too diverse to contain, the spitfire sarcasm, the entire world is my catwalk, I strut without a fear in the world
I’ve always taken up too much space, shoulders too big, hips too wide, this body being not human but made of shapes, no longer do I hold onto this mantra, this body is home, this body is love, light, I am the human embodiment of art
I will continue to argue, this throat will no longer bubble with unspoken words, this opinion will be heard, whether society is ready for it or not, I am  powerhouse of knowledge

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I can feel the fire of your words ignite a passion in my heart. This is phenomenal!



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