It's hard to sit here and stay quiet.

It's hard to sit here and be silent.

Being alive should mean being proud

It should mean being loud

Standing up for yourself

Being strong for myself

Yet here I am.

Sitting, cause I won't stand.

Others get hurt,

Because I'm afraid to speak up. 

I'm getting hurt, 

Because I'm scared to stand up.

People are here,

I am here,


and ashamed.

Ashamed that I can't be honest, 

but also that I have this happening. 

I don't want to be known as "that girl." 

The one in "that situation."

I don't want people asking if I'm alright,

I'm not. 

I don't want people looking at me different.

I'm not.

I don't want to cause drama.

I don't want to lose my friends. 

I don't want new friends, the ones who show up out of pity.

I don't want them. 

I want to stand up, but how?

How do I tell people that this is happening? 

How do I say that I'm breaking?

How can I tell them, and get them to understand?

I told some of my best friends.

The ones I trust not to say anything.

They went further than that.

They didn't care. 

They believed me, but didn't care.

Why should I say something if nobody cares?

Why should I cause an issue if nobody will do anything?

The only time I scream

Is when there is tape over my mouth.

If I smile

while I die inside

Will you know?

If I cry

When I'm alone

Will you hear me?

Will you help me?

Everybody says stand up, but when you do, they want you to just sit down.

So why stand up?

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Our world


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