As time stands still, 

The glistening of the trees quiver. 

I wait silently until,

The cold breeze finally makes me shiver.

The darkness creeps upon me.

Loneliness creeps in the worst moments,

And time stands still in the darkness.

Will this pain and sorrow ever cease?

Will happiness decide to exist?

Where do I go from here?

I long for happiness in the silence.

My life spins out of control.

I hold everything deep inside me,

Even though my life falls apart around me.

I sit under the timeless moon lit sky,

Awaiting for a change in my life.

A change to break the silence,

The everlasting dread of what is to come.

Inevitably I fear eternal waiting,

Waiting to feel something again.

I go through the motions effortlessly,

Acting as though my pain isn't real.

My body silently cries as it yearns,

For better things and comfort.

I await a better life that eternal sadness. 

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