Sidewalk Chalk

It started with chalk on the sidewalk
On a day when my words were not heard
As I spoke them - so I wrote them
Down on the ground
Fingertips raw as my thoughts sawed
Back and forth on the concrete
Dust settling in the loops and curves of words
That showed just how lonely, how sad, how filled with longing I was in that moment
But also how I was done. 
Ready now, to move on.
To look to God to guide me out of that storm
To a place where I wouldn't feel so worn down 
A place where my soul could sing. 

As I grew, the words flew through me
In snatches of music I'd catch on the breeze
In books that I avidly read, so hungry
For those other-worldly stories that cracked open my mind
As wide as the horizon of the ocean I sailed in my dreams
And as I lived hundreds of lives across the universe 
I appreciated that insistent whisper within me
Demanding that I listen through silence
And look twice, and question everything
And take those waves of words colliding in my brain
And lay them to rest on a page to be shared with those
Who maybe, just maybe felt the same. 


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