Walking up and down the field you can always check to see if I'm present,
Looking for someone whose always around see me because I'm really heaven sent,
I stick around throughout the falls, the changes and even when the rest of your team decides to bail,
Along with my support God is with you and he won't let you fail,
It may seem so then you put you head down which does make the future you better,
If you want that fancy car that had the hot leather,
That burns skin whenever it gets too hot you need to dust of your shoulder,
Look in the mirror and tell yourself you're the one who is bolder,
Bold enough to face the crowd and prove what you are truly capable of,
Built like a strong man with great faith in the man above,
Put in work as usual because that's really all you know,
Having heart as an athlete really helps you grow,
Whether you're winning or down and out you should let bygones be bygones,
As loyal as they come Jonell will keep her word and remain on the sidelines.


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